Our range of Vespa Scooters varies by day. We usually have in stock small frame, VBB, Super, Sprint, PX and Acmas including GL and occasionally the Classic GS.


Occasionally we have immaculate unrestored scooters (incl. original paint) Please enquire by e-mail. Our current stock includes Li series 3 models, Li Specials , TV3 175’s, Special X 150’s , Special X 200’s and D/Ld models.

Go Electric..

VTronic™ and EBretta™ vintage electric conversions

Saigon Scooter Centre’s innovative classic e-conversions have led the industry since 2007 with us producing both the first Vespa and Lambretta electric scooters.

Restored Scooters For Sale

Currently sold out. Please email us for info on custom ordering any scooters from our unrestored stock of 150+ Lambretta and Vespa scooters.
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Professional Restorations

We specialise in the restoration of all vintage Italian scooters including Vespa and Lambretta models including classic Honda’s.

Featured Items

We update our special offers and sale items regularly. Please check below for the latest deals
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Complete Customs

We specialise in custom fabrication and 1 off parts from total one of a kind show winning scooters to hand crafted unique specialist products.

Customer Reviews

Saigon Scooter Centre
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james clintjames clint
00:28 18 Jan 24
A real top class scooter centre, from a fully nut and bolt restoration to small parts or a custom order you can’t fault the team at SSC. They work to international standards and the quality is first rate.I have had two restored Lambretta’s from them over the years and many many parts. Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Kenny WoodsKenny Woods
13:11 13 Jan 24
I recently had the pleasure of entrusting my beloved vintage Lambretta to the skilled hands of [Vintage Lambretta Restoration Company], and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. As an enthusiast who values the authenticity and history behind classic scooters, I was in search of a restoration service that shared my passion for preserving these iconic rides. Saigon Scooter Centre exceeded my expectations in every aspect.From the moment I contacted them for a consultation, their professionalism and dedication were evident. The team at SSC is comprised of true experts who understand the intricacies of vintage Lambrettas. They took the time to discuss my vision for the restoration, providing valuable insights and recommendations based on their extensive knowledge.The craftsmanship displayed throughout the restoration process was truly impressive. Every detail, from the frame to the smallest component, was meticulously restored to its original glory. The team at SSC showcased a genuine commitment to authenticity, ensuring that the scooter retained its vintage charm while also meeting modern safety standards.Communication was seamless throughout the project, with regular updates on the progress of the restoration. This transparency provided me with peace of mind, knowing that my Lambretta was in the hands of professionals who genuinely cared about its history and heritage.Upon receiving my restored Lambretta, I was blown away by the level of precision and attention to detail. It felt like stepping back in time, with the bonus of a smooth and reliable ride. [Vintage Lambretta Restoration Company] not only met but exceeded my expectations, delivering a masterpiece that truly reflects their passion for classic scooters.The pricing for the restoration was fair and transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises. The investment in their services proved to be worth every penny, considering the quality of workmanship and the resulting value of my restored Lambretta.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend SSC to any vintage scooter enthusiast seeking a top-notch restoration service. Their expertise, passion, and commitment to preserving the legacy of Lambretta scooters make them a standout choice in the restoration industry. My experience with SSC was nothing short of extraordinary, and I am now the proud owner of a meticulously restored piece of two-wheeled history.
Nuno LemosNuno Lemos
08:41 25 Dec 23
Amazing service, great staff!
Stevie FancyStevie Fancy
02:39 25 Dec 23
Saigon scooter centre, definitely the best scooter shop,cafe and workshops in Vietnam! Pat is always friendly and helpful, also very knowledgeable about Vespas and lambrettas..I've had a custom vespa built by them, and he's also rebuilt a vintage lambretta for me..
Giorgio Dalla RosaGiorgio Dalla Rosa
07:49 21 Dec 23
Saigon Scooter Center is a fantastic place for vintage Vespa and Lambretta enthusiasts! The competence and knowledge of Pat is unique in Vietnam and very rare worldwide. He and his team can restore scooters from any conditions to perfectly running "like new". In addition to his professional approach Pat is extremely supportive and helpful for any kind of problem you may face as scooters' owner or renter. The quantity and variety of spare parts they have available is impressive also for italian standards, in here you can find parts and replacement that are almost impossible to find in Italy!
Calle KrokstädeCalle Krokstäde
07:16 21 Dec 23
Highly recommend Saigon Scooter Centre. The pinnacle of vintage scooter shops in Asia. European standards and above.Thank you Pat and team for keeping my vintage scooters running smooth fast and stylish for decades.
Stephen David SackmanStephen David Sackman
00:15 21 Dec 23
Great experience, Great advise and professional service, my Lambretta, was stripped down, rebuilt and with amazing accessories turning her into a stunning beautiful bike
Josh SnowJosh Snow
06:43 25 Nov 23
d watsond watson
05:38 20 Oct 20
What a great find. Certainly one of the better and more knowledgeable scooter shops on the planet. While they don’t sell anything “modern” they do have everything a scooter affectionado could possibly want for adding to a classic Vesper Piaggio motorbike.Plus they have a really cool selection of bikes for sale. I actually had them do some custom work and stretch one of my bikes. Great work.
Christian GehrkeChristian Gehrke
19:35 17 Oct 20
I've now done two major tours with Saigon Scooter Centre, covering a large chunk of Viet Nam in the process. We rode along the stunning coast line from Ho Chi Minh City all the way to Hanoi and did the legion of loops in the North on a separate ride. Words can't describe the amazing experiences and sights that come with riding in an international group of like minded folk through one of the most beautiful countries in all of Asia. It should be on the bucket list of any true scooterist for sure, especially considering the actual cost of the ride. Most international motorcycle tours will easily cost three times as much for a 14 day trip. Pat and Linh are absolutely amazing hosts and organizers who run a tight ship and make a great team. There are countless scooter and motobike places in Saigon alone, but SSC has to be the creme of the crop. They are simply the best in South East Asia when it comes to classic scooters a la Vespa and Lambretta. You can buy/rent a classic or book a tour, they even offer customized ones. If classic is not your cup of tea, go with a twisty, they've got those, too. Pat hails from the UK and runs his business like a true professional. To top it off, he also manufactures a ton of of his own parts for the classics and offers a host of electric scooter options as well. I'll be back for another go for sure once the Covid crisis is over and we can travel again. All the best and a quick recovery to the people of Viet Nam, especially on the Central Coast which got devastated by multiple Typhoons.

Vietnam's 1st authentic scooter café

    • The perfect place to hang out for Scooterists, Classic scooter aficionados’ and for club meetings
    • Or just for good Italian coffee, cold Peroni beer or a nice Italian Valpolicella.
    • The largest collection of scooter Memorabilia in South East Asia!
    • Unique scooters , great atmosphere , cool music, souvenir shop, and fantastic service
ScootaCafe is currently relocating - Watch this space!

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