A testiment to Innocenti engineering.

A testiment to Innocenti engineering! I bought this 1966 Special x150 back in 1998, sold it and bought it back in 2000 and then restored in 2002.
22 Years down the road with over 30,000 miles on the clock the scoot is still running like an absolute dream. With the exception of a clutch rebuild 2 years ago and regular servicing the scoot has had no major work. The scooter is a veteran of two Saigon to Hanoi rides and the legendary North Vietnam ride of 2019!
Now in the hands of wifey its still a daily run around. Added to that its totally stock with a standard 150cc top end, points ignition system, 4 plate clutch , std pipe and original carby.
Chrome don’t get you home…

Have a great Sunday guys and gals…

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