SSR Scuderia Saturday! Yes it’s a rocket

We’ve built a lot of performance engines over the years for Lambretta scooters but definitely nothing as insane as the Rimini Lambretta Centre / Casa Performance SSR 265cc Scuderia single cylinder motor.

The donor Lambretta for this project was an Innocenti 1965 Li Special 150cc model and what better paint job than a classic Martini racer.

This is one of the most powerful Lambretta engines ever made with 45-47bhp straight out of the box and now with a top speed of 100mph+ (160kmph)! Not bad for a scooter that left the Innocenti factory with a whopping 7bhp.

This motor as RLC says ” Pulls like a freight train from 4000rpm upto 11000rpm” and yes we can vouch for that. Just one comment to make – Time for a twin disc front hydraulic brake system upgrade next week …. LoL

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