A Targa Twin or a Targa Twin-R?

Looks like we are having a “twin” Targa Twin day at SSC today. TT275 has now clocked up over 30,000 trouble free miles and the new boy in town the TT275R is only just run in.

The original Targa Twin designed by Innocenti was a myth for many years until an original factory pro-type was discovered supposed to be 1 of 4 produced being based on the SX200 motor. Two of the four are now currently owned by Vittorio Tessera of which one is on display at the Casa Lambretta Museum. A must visit for anybody in the Milano area. The new Targa Twin design was the result of a collaboration between Tino Sacchi and an engineer who works at the Brembo factory, Franco Dell’Acqua. Originally produced as a 250cc version then 275cc and the latest versions are the 275cc Reed valve.

For more info on the amazing Targa Twin line contact Tino Sachhi @ Lambretta.it

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