“Bygone Times” SSC photo collection

You may have noticed our vintage website back drop pictures on the new site recently. We will be updating these regularly and all the current and upcoming pics have been collected over the past 27 years in our aptly named “Bygone Times” photo collection. With an obvious interest in both classic scooters and people pics the collection dates back to the late 1930’s through to the early 1980’s. We are also in the draft stages of putting a selection of the most interesting shots into a small coffee table book which should be available later this year time permitting. In the meantime we will be updating our website with regular bi monthly updates of some of our favorite photos. We hope you find these interesting and that they also give a glimpse back in time to a small piece of Vietnam automotive history.

More pics from the SSC “Bygone Times” collection will be updated in the coming weeks. 

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